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Broadcasting Regulation

Broadcasting regulation law IrelandBroadcasting regulation in Ireland was introduced by the Broadcasting Act 1961 and has evolved over time through various legislative initiatives. The latest iteration, the Broadcasting Act 2009, re-invigorated the role of the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) and mandated it to issue new codes encompassing General Broadcasting Standards, Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality for News and Current Affairs Broadcasting, Advertising, General and Children’s Codes on Commercial Communications and Access Codes. This list is not exhaustive but provides standards and practices for broadcasters to adhere to in broadcasting content. Each broadcaster has a legal obligation to comply with the requirements.

The Codes have been broadly drafted and are open to interpretation which can cause difficulties for those creating and producing content for broadcast. MediaLawyer’s solicitors have been involved with a number of Industry bodies in responding to consultations on these Codes and work with them on a daily basis. We can assist you in navigating the codes to ensure that your content conforms to these regulatory requirements.

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