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Media Lawyer Dublin Ireland expert specialisit solicitor attorney

MediaLawyer Solicitors is a multi service media and entertainment law firm bringing together a number of experienced media lawyers with unique insights into the industry to provide you with the legal services you require to get your work done on time and within budget.

The traditional landscape of the media industry is changing profoundly and we understand that the way in which people communicate and receive news has changed immeasurably. We know that the way in which people consume media has developed into a complex array of media platforms that to the uninitiated can seem daunting and throws up a myriad of legal complexities. Navigating these issues requires expertise, objectivity and pragmatism, all of which are applied to our services at MediaLawyer. Whether you want to monetise your content on single or multiple platforms, navigate the boundaries between the rights of freedom of speech or the right to privacy, enforce your copyrighted work, ensure that your TV and film contracts are watertight, or defend an attempted injunction, MediaLawyer will work with you to assist you in achieving your desired aims.

We represent many of Ireland’s leading independent producers, publishers and artists as well as representing those companies, individuals and brands who have found themselves requiring reputation management services. We regularly provide updates on the latest developments on media law issues including well regarded training and education services to the Industry. We also provide social media and data protection auditing services to companies which you can learn more about here.

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